LifterLMS myCRED Extension

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Extend the power of the LifterLMS plugin with the popular myCRED points management plugin.

myCRED is a flexible points management system for Websites built with WordPress, and it gives you full control on how points are gained, traded, managed, logged or presented.

Once enabled on your Website, you’ll be able to reward your students with points whenever they complete certain actions, like completing a quiz or course, or enrolling in a course to name a few.

Rewarding your students for engaging on your Website’s Learning Management System has never been easier.




LifterLMS myCRED Hooks

  1. Course Completion Triggered when a student completes a course.
  2. Lesson Completion Triggered when a student completes a lesson.
  3. Course Section Completion Triggered when a student completes a course section.
  4. Course Track Completion Triggered when a student completes a course track.
  5. Quiz Passing Triggered whenever a student passes a quiz.
  6. Quiz Failing Triggered whenever a student fails a quiz. Points will be deducted.
  7. Quiz Completion riggers whenever a quiz is completed, regardless of the result.
  8. Achievement Earned Triggered whenever a new achievement is earned.
  9. Certificate Earned Triggered whenever a new certificate is earned.
  10. User Enrolls In A Course Triggered whenever a student enrolls in a course.
  11. User Added To Membership Level Triggered whenever a student is added to a membership level.
  12. Access Plan Purchased Triggered whenever a student purchases and access plan.

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