Yith Frontend Manager For Woocommerce

Managing WooCommerce With The YITH Frontend Manager For WooCommerce Plugin

If managing your WooCommerce Store isn’t time consuming enough, imagine having to train new personnel on what they can do or should do when they access your Website’s back-end. YITH saw there was a need to allow collaborators and even store managers to be able to add and edit products without ever having access to the back-end. Say hello to the “YITH Frontend Manager For WooCommerce” plugin.

YITH Frontend Manager For WooCommerce Plugin

The YITH Frontend Manager For WooCommerce plugin allows you to:

  • Enable Front-End Shop Management for Your Site
    It will provide a Shop manager with an interactive, feature-rich dashboard allowing to update many aspects of your WooCommerce Store.
  • Restrict Shop Manager’s Back-End Access
    Prevent All Shop Managers From Having Access To The Site Back-end. Your WooCommerce Store will be completely managed from the Front-End of your Website.
  • Choose Shop Sections To Enable In The Front-End
    That’s right, you can easily enable or disable which WooCommerce Modules are displayed to Shop Managers. Modules include Coupons, Dashboard, Logout, Orders, Products and Reports.
  • Manage Unauthorized Access
    Keep those without access out of your Website. Show them you mean business by displaying a customizable error message.
  • Enable WordPress Admin Bar
    Enable the WordPress Admin Bar for Shop Managers so they can quickly get to the Front-End Dashboard.
  • Edit The Endpoints Of Each SectionChange the Endpoints/Urls to specific sections. For example, the default endpoint to manage Coupons is /coupon/. This option would allow you to change it to something like /coupon-management/.
  • Choose The Skin To Be Used For The Dashboard

The YITH Frontend Manager For WooCommerce Plugin In Combination With YITH Multi Vendor Can

  • Enable All Vendors To Access The Front-End Dashboard
  • Choose Which Sections To Enable For Vendors
  • Prevent All Vendors From Accessing WordPress Dashboard

YITH Frontend Manager For WooCommerce Is Developer Friendly

The YITH Frontend Manager For WooCommerce plugin is developer friendly. It contains a significant number of actions and filters that you can use to make it your own and customize it to your needs. A quick example of this can be seen below, where we are changing the capability required to view the Front-End manager to those who have upload_files permissions. In a real world application, this could be a capability registered by your own plugin.

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