Gravity Forms: Populating Text Fields Dynamically

Gravity Forms: Populating Text Fields Dynamically

Populating text fields dynamically is a very simple process in Gravity Forms. Not only will your customer thank you for it, but I bet it will even increase the odds of a form being filled out or not. Let’s face it, programmers are not the only ones who are lazy. Whenever I see a long form in front of me, I tend to hit the back button faster than the Flash can run.

Process For Populating Text Field Dynamically

The process is very simple and can be repeated easily on any number of fields.

  1. From the Advanced Tab of the field settings, check the “Allow field to be populated dynamically” and give it a parameter name.gravity-forms-email-options
  2. Write the code targeting the Parameter Name to populate the field’s value dynamically.

Meet gform_field_value_$parameter_name

We are going to be using this filter provided by Gravity Forms, gform_field_value_$parameter_name. In our example, $parameter_name would be replaced by newsletter_email so the full filter’s name would be gform_field_value_newsletter_email. It’s important to note that this filter takes 1 parameter, which is the field’s value.

Using The Filter

In our example, since we are using the E-mail address field, this value will only be available if the user/customer happens to be logged in on our Website, so make sure you check for things like that when you are writing code.

Our Example

I know choosing to dynamically populate the e-mail address is not the best example since there is nothing stopping you from setting the field’s default value option to the “User Email” option in the Drop Down menu but the process for populating any other field is basically the same.

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