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Hooks are actions that trigger the addition or subtraction of points for your students. All Hooks with add points to a student With the exception of the “Quiz Failed” hook, which will deduct points instead.

The following Hooks are available with this premium plugin.

  1. Course Completion Triggered when a student completes a course.
  2. Lesson Completion Triggered when a student completes a lesson.
  3. Course Section Completion Triggered when a student completes a course section.
  4. Course Track Completion Triggered when a student completes a course track.
  5. Quiz Passing Triggered whenever a student passes a quiz.
  6. Quiz Failing Triggered whenever a student fails a quiz. Points will be deducted.
  7. Quiz Completion riggers whenever a quiz is completed, regardless of the result.
  8. Achievement Earned Triggered whenever a new achievement is earned.
  9. Certificate Earned Triggered whenever a new certificate is earned.
  10. User Enrolls In A Course Triggered whenever a student enrolls in a course.
  11. User Added To Membership Level Triggered whenever a student is added to a membership level.
  12. Access Plan Purchased Triggered whenever a student purchases and access plan.

Setting Up The Hooks

Once you have myCRED properly installed and active, you can navigate to the administration plugin from WordPress’ admin menu on your back-end. You’ll see the “Points” menu option all the way at the bottom of the menu.

Navigate to the “Hooks” section and then you’ll be able to continue with the setup of this plugin.

Enable LifterLMS Hooks
Enable LifterLMS Hooks

Set Points Amount & Log Message

Now that you’ve enabled the LifterLMS Hooks, you’ll be able to set an amount of points for each, and a log message that will be displayed to you and the user whenever points are credited or deducted. You are free to change the message however you see fit, but default messages are provided for you.

Don’t forget to save your changes once your done.

LifterLMS Hook Options
LifterLMS Hook Options
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